Network for the Development of Agricultural Cooperatives in Asia and the Pacific (NEDAC)




NEDAC Executive Committee Meeting, Bangkok during 7 - 9 March 2019

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NEDAC General Assembly Session Executive Committee Meeting

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NEDAC General Assembly Session

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NEDAC’s EXCOM Meeting at NCDC, New Delhi, India

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(27 Nov. - 3 Dec. , 2011)

Seminar on “Current Trends in Development of Agricultural Cooperatives in Asian Countries with Special Reference to legislative Changes and Policy Initiatives  and NEDAC’s General Assembly Meeting (1 - 2 Dec, 2011)” at  Togaytay City, Philippine. (Download Report)





Seminar on “Bational Policy for Development of Agricultural Cooperatives”;  Bangkok.





FAO-NEDAC Regional workshop on “Role of agricultural cooperatives in response to the impact of natural disasters and climate change”; New Delhi. (Download Report)





FAO-NEDAC Regional workshop on “Role of agricultural cooperatives in bio fuel development at community level for rural food and livelihood security”; Pattaya, Thailand (Download Report)





FAO-NEDAC Seminar on Fair Trade; New Delhi (Download Report)





Regional Cooperative Experts Meeting on Computerization to promote    agricultural Cooperative Enterprise Development; Chiangmai, Thailand (Download Report)


Second Round Table Meeting on Regional Alliance against Hunger – Networking of Networks at Bangkok





FAO-NEDAC Regional Meeting on Agricultural Cooperative Enterprise Development (ACED); New Delhi


NEDAC Seminar on “Information technology and computerization of agricultural cooperatives with special reference to SME development and business planning”; Kathmandu (Download Report)




Meeting on Regional Project proposed for Capacity Building in Small and Medium Enterprise Development through Agricultural Cooperatives in selected Countries of Asia; Bangkok




Round Table Meeting on Globalization and Liberalization: Challenges and Options for Agricultural Cooperatives in Asia; Bangkok


Roundtable Meeting on Capacity Building of Agricultural Cooperatives to Meet Market and Human Resources Development Requirements; Beijing